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UberWAV 2019 – How does UberWAV work? 2019

UberWAV seeks to provide all individuals with affordable, safe and reliable rides throughout the city by providing completely accessible vehicles for people with accessibility needs.

What is UberWAV?

UberWAV is a feature of UberACCESS. This feature works to provide accessible Uber rides for anybody, including individuals who require wheelchairs. All UberWAV vehicles are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with the proper lifts or ramps (that supports at least 600lbs, and are at least 31.5 inches in width) to accommodate wheelchairs and their riders.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Does UberWAV Use?

Only some vehicles are used in UberWAV trips. UberWAV mainly uses makes and models (such as a 2016 Dodge Carvan). These vehicles are typically built to support wheelchairs. All UberWAV vehicles must be equipped with at least one docking location for wheelchairs and at least two ambulatory rider seats. In total, UberWAV can accommodate at least three riders at a time.

How Does UberWAV Work For Drivers?

No, Uber drivers do not need to own wheelchair accessible vehicles in order to provide UberWAV rides to passengers. Uber has partnered with a company called JPLI that leases wheelchair accessible vehicles to drivers. These leases are noncommittal and can be ended at any time. Drivers must complete an in-person course to educate themselves on UberWAV and everything they need to know about safely driving people with accessibility needs. Drivers can simply a fill out a form on the Uber website in order to register for this course.

How Do Earnings Differ With UberWAV?

While drivers do have to pay a weekly lease for an Uber WAV vehicle, this features pays drivers well. For example, if a driver completes 150 uberWAV trips in a week, they will earn $150. UberWAV also compensates drivers on a smaller scale by paying them an additional $20 per ride. In addition, there are no service fees involved in any UberWAV trips – drivers keep all earnings!

If you are an Uber driver who is interested in driving for UberWAV, it is crucial to visit the Uber website for more information and to register for the information session.

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