Uber Wine Napa 2019

Uber Wine 2019 – How much does Uber Wine cost?

What is UberWine?

UberWINE is a new program being introduced by Uber in Santa Barbara, California, which lets riders request a specialized Uber driver who will take them on a tour of the region’s famous wine country.

How does Uber Wine work?

UberWine overcomes one of the major obstacles of visiting Santa Barabara’s world famous wine country — namely, it was impossible to drive through the area and sample wines, at your leisure, without having a dedicated driver who was willing to tour the region but not drink.

Now, Uber riders are able to conveniently request a personal driver who will stay with passengers all day, allowing them to enjoy Santa Barbara’s wine tasting scene for as long as they want.

UberWINE offers two vehicle options:

  • WINE — an uberX vehicle seating up to 4 riders
  • WINEXL — an uberXL vehicle seating up to 6 riders

Where is UberWINE operating?

When you’re in Santa Barbara, simply request WINE or WINEXL, and a driver will requested. Set your own itinerary and decide where you’ll want to go.

Feel free to leave belonging in the car — your UberWINE vehicle is your personal vehicle for the day. Continually enter new location into your Uber App, and the driver will simply head to the next location of your choice.

How much does UberWINE cost?

Here are the 2016 rates for UberWINE:

UberWINE Rates

Base Fare: $1.61
Per Mile: $1.25
Per Minute: $0.29
Minimum Fare: $10.25
Cancellation Fee: $10
Booking Fee: $1.25


Base Fare: $3.50
Per Mile: $1.95
Per Minute: $0.35
Minimum Fare: $10.25
Cancellation Fee: $10
Booking Fee: $1.25

*Typically, for many tours of Santa Barbara’s wine country, riders will experience fare in the range of $35-40 per hour, and $45 per hour with WINEXL. Obviously, the rates vary depending on specific trips and distances travelled, but UberWINE is an economical and budget-friendly option, especially if a trip’s cost is split between friends.

When is UberWINE available?

WINE and WINEXL are available on three days each week:

  • Friday between 9am and 6pm
  • Saturday between 9am and 6pm
  • Sundays between 9am and 6pm

Where is UberWINE available?

UberWINE is available anywhere in Santa Barbara’s wine country region. It is entirely up to riders to decided where they want to go, and what they want to see.

Passengers are welcome to stop their WINE tours whenever they please. With UberWINE, there’s no limit on distance or time.

The only built-in fee is a minimum fare ($10.25).

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  1. Any driver that sticks around for $.29/min (minus Uber’s 25% commission) while you spend 1-1.5 hours in a winery is out of his d*mn mind… $10/hr waiting when they could easily make $20+ driving individual trips. UberWine is a HORRIBLE option for drivers.

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