What Is UberASSIST (2019)?

How does UberASSIST work?

As Uber expands, an increasingly diverse portfolio of service options is becoming available in its rideshare catalogue. One of these options — UberASSIST — aims to provide rideshare services to physically disabled passengers.

Uber ASSIST — Helping Those In Need 

Uber’s goal as a transportation company is to provide service options to anyone in need of a ride — which is why, in recent years, Uber has developed specific services for a range of new customer bases — including passengers who are physically disabled, or in need of extra help when traveling by car.

UberASSIST fills a gap in the wider rideshare industry — it is a reasonably low-cost transportation option that offers additional assistance to both seniors and individuals with disabilities.

In order to meet the specific needs of customers, ASSIST drivers are special trained by the Open Doors Organization.

Not only do ASSIST drivers assist riders into their vehicles, but they are able to accommodate folding wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers.

UberASSIST is available in:


  • Bakersfield
  • Fresno
  • Inland Empire
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • Palm Springs
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco


  • Honolulu


  • New Orleans
Driving for UberASSIST

If you are currently a top-rated driver (and you’d like to join UberASSIST), you simply need to login and apply.

For those who are accepted, a two hour in-person training sessions will take place. The training sessions will provide prospective drivers with the skills and knowledge required — and detail the process of working with the Open Doors Organization.

UberASSIST riders generally require services during off-peak hours — which sometimes suits the schedules of drivers working specialized schedules.

When it comes to a fares, UberASSIST drivers have an added incentive — Uber takes away less of a fee from every UberASSIST trip, charging only 15% (although this varies, depending on the city.)

If you would like to review the UberASSIST education guide, it’s available here.

Vehicle Types and Special Assistance

UberASSIST was designed with the rider in mind.

Many individuals with disabilities feel transportation companies do not properly assist them, or address their needs.

From visual and physical impairments to individuals suffering from dementia, UberASSIST is available to those who need additional help getting around.

Drivers do not need to invest in a special vehicle to work for UberASSIST — regular UberX vehicles are accepted.

However, there sometimes are special circumstances (including high four-wheel drive vehicles and lower-than-average cars, which do not function as viable UberASSIST vehicles).

As long as you can store a folding wheelchair or scooter, a standard compact car will be sufficient.

If you are a driver who already owns a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, this could provide you with an option to make some extra, flexible income.

Free Training

UberASSIST’s training process is entirely free, meaning you can expand your customer base at no additional cost to yourself. As a top-rated driver, it never hurts to have additional training. And, if you find that the training is not worth your time (or you’re no longer interested in working as an UberASSIST driver), no problem — you’re always free to continue on as a regular UberX driver.

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