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What is UberCentral?

Increasingly, small & specialized businesses are looking to tailor customer-service to specific customer bases — and expand their brands by offering vehicles and complimentary trips to clients.

Hotels, boutiques and clothing shops all want to help customers get to appointments, visit local shops, pick up packages; select gifts, go on tours, or arrive at local appointments on-time.

UberCENTRAL is billed by Uber as a new way for businesses to help valued customers travel more fluidly — increasing customer satisfaction and client retention through tailored vehicle-based assistance and travel solutions.

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How does UberCentral work?

UberCENTRAL functions as a digital dashboard which enables small, medium or large businesses to request (and pay for) Uber trips on behalf of customers.

Uber bills UberCENTRAL as a service ‘’designed with all kinds of companies in mind — from senior centers and retailers to car dealerships, hotels, and more.’’

Access for New Riders without Smartphones

Uber reports that, increasingly, businesses recognize that certain sections of their customer pools need access to rideshare services — however, sometimes those customer bases don’t have smartphones or knowledge of mobile apps.

Certain businesses — such as retirement homes or senior centers — are turning to UberCENTRAL to schedule shuttle services up to 14 days in advance.  Senior centers can request trips for senior-age clients on their behalf (so they are not required to use smartphones).

Similarly, charities and nonprofits which assist people with disabilities (or limited mobility) can now use UberCENTRAL to book rides on behalf on passengers who need to get to a local hospital, doctor’s office, or simply go to a local pharmacy or grocery store.

With UberCENTRAL, specialized passengers — and those with limited mobility or disabilities — no longer have to wait long amounts of time — for a vehicle to take them to a specific location.

UberCENTRAL as a Premium Service

Uber cites other examples of business employing UberCENTRAL as a high-end addition to retail sales strategies.

For instance, Uber reports that upscale clothing retailer Bloomingdales and Hugo Boss have begun using UberCENTRAL to ferry VIP customers to fitting appointments, and high-end boutique hotel Hotel Angeleno (in LA) has begun using UberCENTRAL as an in-built travel feature for guests.

UberCENTRAL Functionality & Features:

Businesses can use UberCENTRAL on a tablet or smartphone — it is 100% compatible on all web browsers — and it is available across the United States and Canada.

UberCENTRAL facilitates multiple trip requests from ONE primary account.

Businesses enter a passenger’s name, phone number, pickup address, and destination — and an Uber vehicle will be dispatched. UberCENTRAL allows businesses to oversee multiple rides all at one time, and keep real-time information on ongoing trips from a single tablet or phone.

If passengers have no access to a smartphone, UberCENTRAL still works. Customers will receive a basic SMS on a regular phone, which will simply detail trip information (i.e., driver name, time, and a hyperlink to a live map), allowing access to Uber without the need for a smartphone with a data plan.

UberCENTRAL also features basic & easy-to-use administration tools, allowing businesses to import all business locations into a central hub, and set up easy billing and cost breakdowns in one location.

Interested in learning more about UberCENTRAL?  Sign up for free HERE.

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