UberEATS Delivery Wait Time

How long does UberEATS delivery take? 2019

How long does UberEATS take? 2019

When you place an order with UberEATs, you will see an estimated time of delivery appear on the UberEATS App.

This estimate is based on how long it normally takes the restaurant to accept the order, prepare an order – as well as how long delivery would typically take to arrive at your location.

UberEATS Delivery Time / Delivery Speed

However, it’s important to remember: any projected delivery times are just an estimate.

The real delivery time could fluctuate significantly, depending on how busy a particular restaurant is at the time of your order; the size and complexity of your order; traffic conditions in the area; how many drivers are available to deliver your UberEATS order; and many other dynamic factors.

The app does allow you to track your order in real-time, so you’ll have a better idea of how long your order is going to take. The app lets you know when your order is accepted, prepared, picked up, and when it is close to your home. This will let you know when you should be ready to exit your home/workspace, and pick up your order from a driver curbside.

UberEATS Desktop Tracking

If you order using the desktop version, you can track your order online and on your mobile devices with the UberEATs apps. The tracking will be updated regularly for the desktop version of UberEATs. Time estimates are updated as more information is provided by the local drivers and the restaurants. If you are worried about how long that your order will, you should make sure to note what the estimated time is, and what the local traffic is like at the time.

You can also reduce order time by making sure you order during times when restaurants are less busy, or are experiencing off-peak hours.

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