UberEats Los Angeles Phone Number

Los Angeles Contact UberEATS Phone 2019 –  UberEATS Los Angeles Contact Support Phone Number 2019

Uber Eats Los Angeles Contact Phone Support Number: 1 800 452 8949

Uber Eats Support Los Angeles 2019

Uber Eats Phoenix Service Area (2019):

ubereats los angeles phone number

UberEATS Los Angeles Restaurant List:

UberEATS Los Angeles Restaurant List (complete list available via app):

  • A Delphi greek
  • Bay Cities
  • Big Daddy’s Poke Shack
  • California Pita & Grill
  • Canter’s
  • Capriotti’s
  • Cerveteca – Culver City
  • coral Tree
  • Coral TREE Cafe
  • DK’S Donuts and Bakery
  • Dr. Sandwich
  • Emporium Thai
  • Factor’s Famous Deli
  • Fala Bar
  • Fatburger -West Hollywood
  • Feast From the East
  • Fresh Corn Grill
  • Fritto Misto
  • Fundamental L.A.
  • Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese
  • Grilliant
  • Holy Cow
  • Hummus Bar
  • Kimukatsu
  • Kreation Organic
  • Mixt Greens
  • Mozza2Go
  • Nizam Indian Cusinine
  • Phorage
  • Ramen Yamadaya
  • ROC Kitchen – Beverly Grove
  • Roc Kitchen – Sawtelle
  • Roma Specialty Pizza
  • Rosemary Grill
  • Simpang Asia
  • Simply Salad
  • Slicetruck Pizza
  • Sotto
  • Starry Kitchen
  • Taco Love – Venice
  • Take a Bao
  • Tasty Wok Cuisine
  • Thai East Wind
  • The Inkster
  • The Poke Shack – Melrose
  • The Slice
  • Tuk Tuk Thai

UberEATS Los Angeles FAQ:

Q: When is UberEATS Los Angeles available?

A: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM, seven days a week.

Q: What is ‘Instant Delivery’?

A: Instant Delivery is a service offered by UberEATS, which features a three- to five-item “instant” lunch menu (customers select their preferred meal). Meals are delivered curbside in 10 minutes or less. The service is available between 11am and 2pm (weekdays only).

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: Yes, there is a delivery fee of $2.99 per delivery.

Q: How do I Contact UberEATS Los Angeles?

If you need to get in contact with UberEATS LA, simply call Los Angeles UberEATS Support at 1-800-452-8949, or email s customer support representative at eats@uber.com.

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