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Uber Car Seat – UberFAMILY

Can I get a car seat in an Uber?

If you’re interested in using Uber for rides (but have young children that need to travel with you), Uber luckily has a car seat option available in select cities. Uber Car Seat (*also known as UberFAMILY) is a service offered by Uber that provides Uber passengers the ability to request UberX vehicles equipped with a car seat.

Legally, children under certain ages are required to ride in a car seat when in a vehicle (though specific age parameters vary within states).

Uber Car Seat – How it Works

Since 2014, Uber has provided a car-seat option for passengers, that matches customers with rides that accommodate car seats in order to ensure the safety of any child along for the ride.

So how does Uber Car Seat work?

The Uber Car Seat option provides users with one forward-facing set for a child who is at least twelve months old, 22 pounds and 31 inches. Uber states that when a child is 48 pounds or 52 inches they are considered by Uber to be too big for a car seat.

Where is Uber Car Seat available?

Uber Car Seat / UberFAMILY is currently available in the following cities:

  • New York City
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington D.C.
How much does Uber Car Seat cost?

For trips with Uber Car Seat, UberX adds a $10 surcharge.

How to use Uber Car Seat

In order to request Uber Car Seat, go to the Uber app and (after choosing UberX) select ‘car seat’ as your preferred option.

Once you’ve selected the car seat option, simply choose your pickup location and submit your request – just like a regular UberX ride!

Uber Car Seat Pricing & Discount

While Uber Car Seat is the same price as UberX, aside from the $10 surcharge, Uber does offer discounts. Currently, the discount for Uber Car Seat is: the first ‘car seat’ request is free, if you enter the promo code CARSEATNYC10 in your Uber app.

Currently, there is a limited availability with Uber Car Seat vehicles. The vehicles used with Uber Car Seat are only equipped with one car seat per vehicle. While these vehicles are specially equipped for Uber Car Seat, users can still expect to have the same mid-sized cars such as Toyotas, Camrys and Honda Accords that you would normally encounter when using the UberX service

Safe Kids Worldwide

Uber Car Seats partners with Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that aims to protect kids at home and at play, and provides Uber drivers in New York City with training on how to correctly install and use IMMI Go car seats. IMMI is an industry leader that manufactures the straps, buckles and LATCH hardware for several of the car seats in the US. IMMI meets all of the safety requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (such as crash testing and labeling). Each car seat has a six-year expiration date.

Ensuring Safety – Car Seat Requirements in Uber Vehicles

If the vehicle has undergone a moderate or severe crash the car will be replaced. However, if it is a minor crash that the seat was involved in, the seat will be reused instead of replaced. However, there are strict requirements for the reuse of a car seat. These requirements include:

  • A visual inspection of the seat that does not show any cracks or deformations
  • Ensuring that vehicles (with installed car seats) that were previously involved in accidents were driven from the scene of the crash (i.e., suffered minimal damage)
  • Ensuring that – for vehicles previously involved in accidents – the door nearest to a car seat was undamaged
  • …and that a vehicle’s air bags did not deploy during an accident
  • …and that there were no injuries to any of the occupants within the vehicle.

Overall, UberFAMILY / Uber Car Seat aims to provide safe and convenient transportation for children accompanying adult passengers. By partnering with Safe Kids Worldwide and IMMI, Uber attempts to provide the safest transportation experience for children – so that riders and drivers alike can have peace of mind on the road.

You can read more about Safe Kids Worldwide here.

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