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What is UberPASSPORT?

In 2016, Uber introduced a new program called UberPASSPORT, which offered riders a unique way of traveling between San Diego and Tijuana.

In 2019, the program still exists — although it has been the subject of considerable controversy.

Uber Passport is Uber’s first truly international service, and is designed to increase the ease of traveling across the US-Mexican Border.

How much does UberPASSPORT cost?

UberPASSPORT accommodates up to four passengers in a single vehicle. The following rates for UberPASSPORT in 2016 are:

  • Base Fare: $8 Base
  • Per Minute: $0.35
  • Per Mile: $3.55
  • Border Crossing Fee: $20.00

 Trip Routes:

    Start                   End                           UberPASSPORT

  • North Park        Zona Centro            $107
  • Split Fare                                              $27 per person
  • Downtown        San Diego                 $142 (TIJ Airport)
  • Split Fare                                              $36 per person
  • Pacific Beach    Rosarito                     $216
  • Split Fare                                               $54 per person

How UberPASSPORT works:

To use UberPASSPORT, simply follow these steps:

  •             Select the PASSPORT option in your Uber App (located within the vehicle menu).
  •             Request a ride
  •             Don’t forget to bring all required documentation (info below)
  •             Get in your UberPASSPORT vehicle.
  •             Travel across the border, and venture into Mexico with ease & speed.
  •             UberPASSPORT is a one-way trip from the United States to Tijuana.

Returning to the United States

Since UberPASSPORT only operates one way (San Diego to Tijuana), you’ll have to follow a few steps in order to get back into the USA. Firstly — Request UberENGLISH for an English-Language Uber in Tijuana, and then simply request a trip to the International Border Crossing. Once you’ve arrived, exit your UberENGLISH vehicle, and use the Pedestrian Crossing to enter back into the United States.

The five specific steps for re-entering the United States are:

  1.     Open the Uber app
  2.     Request a ride from your current location in Tijuana (*try to use local WIFI to save money and avoid expensive local data charges from your smartphone provider)
  3.     Enter the text ‘TJ Border Pickup’ as your drop-off destination in the Uber App (San Ysidro International Border Crossing)
  4.     Walk into the United States using the pedestrian lane
  5.     Once you’ve arrived back in the United States, simply request an Uber vehicle in San Diego, and travel to your  ultimate destination.


UberPASSPORT trips are covered by commercial insurance:

uber passport Mexiko

Required Documentation:

Before you travel, be certain that you’re carrying all required documentation for international travel. Get in touch with your local consulate or travel agent for more information on document requirements for entering Mexico & re-entering the United States of America.

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