Understanding Uber’s Rating System

Uber Rating System 

How Uber’s Ratings System Works 

What is Uber’s rating system? How does it work?

Uber uses a simple rating system, embedded in its Uber App, which allows both passengers and drivers to rate their trip experience.

How does the rating system work?

Ratings exist to foster a mutual  respect and appreciation between drivers and riders.

The rating system benefits both drivers and riders. After every trip, Uber gives riders and drivers the opportunity to rate one another, choosing from 1 star (i.e., a terrible ride experience) to 5 stars (an excellent ride experience), based on their overall trip experience.

A driver or rider’s rating is an average, and can increase or decrease based on the number of high (or low) ratings they receive.

Identifying a Driver’s Rating

When looking at the Uber App, a driver’s rating can be seen by a rider next to the driver’s picture, car make and model and license plate number (after a driver has accepted a passenger’s request). Currently, drivers are unable to see a rider’s rating, but Uber is exploring this possibility for future versions of the app.

Ratings can also be given as written feedback. If, for instance, a rider has an amazing experience with a driver, they are welcome to submit a written comment that a driver can read.

Ratings Anonymity

All Uber ratings and feedback are anonymous, so riders and drivers are protected whenever they submit their trip ratings. In other words – rider and driver ratings are never tied to specific trips or people.

Uber urges both riders and drivers to provide respectful and constructive feedback, which everybody can benefit from (rather than strictly negative feedback).

Ratings and Safety

Uber consistently reviews all ratings and feedback in order to keep the Uber community safe and respectful. Negative ratings may mean a contract termination for drivers and severely disrespectful and/or violent rider may mean that they are unable to use Uber services any longer.

How To Be a 5-Star Rating Passenger With Uber

Here is a simple list created by Uber employees on how to be a 5-star rating rider. Follow these steps and you will most likely get 5 stars as a rider.
1. Make sure you set your location accurately. Doing so means either manually entering in your pickup and destination location addresses or making sure your drop pin is accurate. This action ensures that you arrive safely to your location and reduces the stress of the driver.
2. Make sure the number of passengers does not exceed the number of seat belts in the car.
3. Treat your Uber drive and their vehicle with care and respect.
4. Be punctual. Drivers appreciate when riders are ready to go when they arrive.

How To Be A 5-Star Rating Driver With Uber

Similarly, there are steps to take to secure a higher rating with passengers. Follow these steps to increase your chances as an Uber driver to receive a high rating:
1. Drive safely and obey all traffic and road laws – this one is a given!
2. Be respectful of your riders.
3. Keep your car clean.
4. Respect your rider’s time by taking the quickest way to their destination.
5. Add in ‘extras’. Riders love when their drivers provide them with chewing gum, phone chargers or the AUX cable to play their own music.

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