Update you Uber Driver App

Uber Driver App Update 2019

How to Update the Uber Driver App 2019

Uber regularly offers updates to its Uber Driver App. The company’s updates often add new features and streamline the Uber app’s functionality.

Uber’s driver app will let you know if your app needs an update before it will allow you to go online. The app makes it simple to receive an update (because all you need to do is simply follow a series of prompts).

You can also check if your app needs updating by checking your device’s app store. The app store will have the most current version of both the Uber driver app and the Uber rider app.

‘Trust’ prompt – iOS Uber App Update 2019

Devices with iOS installed may have a message pop up that asks users to ‘trust’ the new or updated version of the app before you can open it.

To trust the Uber App:

  • open the Settings of the device and then tap on General, and Device Management.
  • In Device Management, you will need to find Uber Technologies Inc, and tap on this.
  • This will bring up an option that says ‘Trust Uber Technologies Inc’, then you simply need to tap on this to trust the driver app, and other associated apps from Uber. This can help the apps update, as new versions are released.
Update your Uber App Regularly

Updating your app is important for protecting your (and your riders’) information. You should open the app before leaving home to check if there is a new version, and you can use your Wi-Fi data instead of using mobile data to download the update.

How long does it take to Update the Uber App?

The time that it takes to update your app will depend on the size of the update, and your device. Generally speaking, allow 5 – 15 minutes for your device to process a full update of the Uber App.

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