What is Turo Rideshare?

Turo Rideshare Network – How does Turo work?

Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental network.

Originally called RelayRides (and renamed Turo in 2015), Turo provides a similar service to regular vehicle rental companies (like Zipcar, Hertz or Enterprise), except that it owns none of its own vehicles. 

In contrast to traditional rental-car agenices, Turo functions as a platform for prospective car renters to browse privately-owned vehicles they wish to lease, in locations they may be traveling to (and for owners to post vehicles they wish to rent out).

Turo’s system allows renters to save a substantial amount of money (compared to traditional rental services), and it allows car-owners to generate cash from vehicles they may not be using.

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To contact Turo Customer Support, call 1-866-735-2901 (support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

What is Turo?

Turo is a rental car company.

However, unlike traditional rental car companies (like Hertz, Enterprise or ZipCar), Turo is a peer-to-peer marketplace which allows anyone to rent out their own private vehicles.

Uniquely, Turo owns none of its own vehicles — it is simply a time-slot based platform for car owners (and renters) to manage rentals and connect online.

Currently, Turo offers a wide range of vehicles (more than 800 models, according to Wikipedia), and operates in over 4500 cities.

Turo states that its average vehicle owner makes $720 per vehicle (and that owners with more three or more vehicles earn, on average, over $3000 per month).

How does Turo work? 

The Turo rental system is easy to use.

After setting up an account with Turo, a vehicle’s owner uses the Turo network to set up a profile of their car. Then, they simply list the time and location the vehicle will be available for rental.

Anyone who sees the listing (and wants to rent the vehicle) can reserve a ‘time slot’ for the car.

Owners can either have a renter come to them (and pickup the vehicle), or they can use Turo’s ‘delivery option’, in which they opt to drive the vehicle to a designated pick-up spot.

How much does Turo cost? How much do car owners make renting their vehicles on Turo?

Turo is approximately 30-35% less expensive than a regular rental-car company.

Anyone with a vehicle can register their car online (which can then be viewed & leased by members of Turo’s network).

Vehicle owners are allowed to set their own rental prices (or, alternatively, they may use Turo’s in-built pricing system) — meaning, there are no ‘fixed prices’ on Turo. Costs differ for every vehicle.

Turo takes a 25% commission.

Turo’s Insurance Policy System

Turo has varying insurance policies available for renters — who may choose their desired level of coverage.

Turo offers three separate insurances types — Decline Coverage, Basic, and Premium.

You can read more in-depth about Turo’s insurance policies here (as well as their separate insurance regulations for vehicle rentals in Canada).

Where is Turo available? 

Turo is available almost everywhere in the United States and Canada (as well as most airports in North America).

Due to a regulatory dispute, Turo is not currently available in New York State, circa 2017.

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